Allow me to Introduce Myself

By Zola Moon

My name is Zola Omar, doula, healer and lover of life. A walking manifestation of Divine consciousness and a true reflection of the universe. A free-spirited, proud black woman whose goal in life is to be a constant source of healing, peace, empowerment and love.

Please don’t forget the L-O-V-E!  

My purpose was revealed to me during a time in my life, when I needed healing the most. “There is a supply for every need”, Florence Scovel Shinn. In my case, there was a need and just like that, the healer appeared.  It was more like after being broken to what I thought was beyond repair, spiraling deeper into the dark abyss that the true healer in me emerged. I knew I could no longer exist in that space and felt as though I finally UNDERSTOOD what I KNEW I DIDN’T know. I didn’t know that the healer was inside of me all along.

The purpose of me starting this blog was to shine my light. To connect with other like-minded women and create tribe for them to discover. Whether they’re in need of healing, support, encouragement, inspiration or a good old fashion laugh, they’ll find refuge here.  My blogging will always be given from a space of truth. With positive intentions and good vibrations only!

My mission is to Create a space in the world for all beings to feel beauty cultivated through self-care, a connection to source energy and a healing vibration of Divine Love. Through providing self-care remedies, Doula recommendations, highlighting healers in our global and local communities and sharing my personal experiences.

This blog will be an overflowing oasis of Divine energy that offers restoration of self, wisdom when clarity is needed, strength in challenging times, natural healing remedies for mommy and baby and a constant reflection of how fucking AMAZING we are. A reminder of the essence that is you and a return to your state of Native Being.

To quote my Queen Mother Tonia Taylor, ‘I really wish you could have realized who I am, to myself and my world. I am the micro-cosmic manifestation of the Most High and MA’AT informs me when my scales are unbalanced. I am the landlord and keeper of this light and I decide who I share this light with.’’


Her words give me LIFE and I hope they do the same for you. She reminds me of who I am, the power that dwells within and that NOTHING can block my SHINE.

We must all know ourselves, love ourselves and trust ourselves. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Peace and Blessings my Beautiful Goddess Queens

Love Z

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